Sidney DaCosta
Linguist, Translator, Proof-reader, Web Specialist and Language Teacher

What My Clients Say

An experienced, ambitious and confident Linguist and Translator educated in England, Wales, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, United States and Italy who has gained expertise in several industries and has a large international experience. A problem solver par excellence who is committed to the cultural and linguistic diversity and is able to build positive 'cross-cultural ties' within a wide range of prospects and business partners. An independent achiever, strategic thinker, a good communicator, translator, interpreter, writer and proofreader who is apt to a diversified range of linguistic services.


  • Mother tongue.................: Brazilian Portuguese + Portuguese (native speaker)
  • Bilingual Proficiency.......: English + French + Spanish (postgraduate academic level)
  • Professional proficiency.: German + Italian + Galician (graduate academic level)
  • Knowledge.......................: Welsh, Catalan and Latin (plus some dialects of main languages)


35+ years - language experience gained in Graduate + Postgraduate Studies and Professional Life.