Linguistic Services

I tackle every linguistic project you may have. Translation is the core of my business and my passion but I can also help you to go global by creating multilingual microsite versions of your website to increase the exposure of your presence in the Web. In the capacity of a linguist, liaison interpreter and business facilitator for Brazilian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian speaking countries I can help you to develop your business in the highly competitive international arena. Furthermore, I can teach languages for your staff and executives to fulfill specific tasks or missions.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Galician and German


- Source Languages.............: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German
- First Target Languages......: Portuguese (Brazilian & European) (Native Speaker)
- Second Target Languages.: English, French and Spanish (Postgraduate Degree Qualified)
- Third Target Languages.....: German, Italian and Galician (Graduate Degree Qualified)

Multilingual Microsite

How do Microsites Work?

"Having a corporate Web site in multiple languages is critical to gaining access to markets where other languages are spoken. If it’s your company’s goal to expand sales overseas or if you are just trying to find out which markets might be receptive to your company’s products, you should consider creating microsites to support your English-language site.

Microsites are specially crafted Web pages written in the languages used by the markets you want reach. The purposes of the microsite pages are to inform visitors about your company and its products and services in the language of the visitor’s choice, but more importantly for your company, the microsite will make your company “findable” in a Web search in other languages. A well written foreign language microsite will utilise the key words that are used by people searching for your company’s products in their languages.

Having a small amount of high quality content may be all your site needs to reach your potential customers. One of the greatest benefits of a multilingual microsite strategy is that you can drastically extend your company’s reach into multiple markets on a limited budget." *

At Linguist@e you will find that creating a multilingual microsite does not need to be difficult. You have just to put thought and effort into drafting the content in English, so that it covers your company's core offerings and mission. I will do the rest!

Just a few web pages... it is all you need to gain access to markets where other languages are spoken. Your multilingual microsite will have the English version as the entry point. I will translate your company's core offerings and mission (3-5 pages : 'Home', 'Services/Products', 'About Us' and 'Contact Form') into French and/or Spanish and/or Brazilian Portuguese and/or Portuguese and/or Italian and/or German languages and I will connect/link all versions to each other (EN FR ES PT IT DE). My own microsite is a good example of this. I will provide you with 'metatags' for each page using all localised key words and descriptions that will assist with finding your microsite in Web searching. I will keep the basic formatting of the original design of your website (eg: fonts, formatting, scripts, etc - No graphics) so your visitor will be assured to be visiting a multilingual section of your web site. All pages will be publishable in the same way as your original website. Just upload them in your webserver and you are ready to go into global market...

At Linguist@e you can count on the highest quality of linguistic services. Furthermore, following the success of your global exposure, I may also be at your side to support you along the way (eg: multilingual commercial letters, business proposals, flyers, answering/translating your international customer inquiries, liasing with your new global clientelle, interpreting phone/video conferences, escorting you to international events, etc). Be assured, at Linguist@e you will not only find an experienced professional but also a loyal polyglot friend.